Inconsequential Concert

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The concert “for peace” that Juanes will give in the Plaza of the Revolution on Sunday, September 20, has had great international repercussions. However, little has been disclosed about it within the island. Had it not been for a note from the institute of Music that appeared today in Granma, little has been said in the official media.

The truth is that many ordinary Cubans do not care if Juanes sings in Cuba or not. To me, honestly, I am indifferent. And I’m not going to see him. Not because of any bias or political problem, but because I know beforehand how it will be. Full buses, shoving, riots, police, heat … Better to see it on television.

My feelings are shared by Dayana, a student of a Havana technical school. She learned of the concert by “radio bemba” (literally “lip radio” or Cuba’s gossip network). In spite of not being very exited about it. Dyana will go to be able to sing, dance and join in the songs together with her friends who also plan to attend. She has never seen, live and in person, the performance of a famous artist and she doesn’t want to miss the opportunity.

To the young woman it makes no difference who benefits from his presence, or if Cuba is the suitable country to sing to about peace. Neither does she care if the government will politicize his performance. Dayana feels that the Cuban people also have the right to enjoy music and universal art.

Personally what I don’t understand. And what appears contradictory is how the exiles in Miami, who say they are fighting for the human rights of the Cuban people, have reacted without realizing that the concert is inconsequential for the majority of the Cuban people. Because with Juanes or without Juanes our reality will be the same. And we will continue to have the same necessities and frustrations. And the same lack of food and freedom.

Laritza Diversent

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