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It is so common it is no longer news in a country continuously monitored and controlled. A ritual with no smoke, nor brandy for the saints. With the same protagonists: police and the man-on-the-street, above all young and black, and drivers of vehicles, whether private or state-owned. At any time and in any place.

Three young men wait in the shade while the police verify their identity cards.

The bus leaves and they continue, quietly awaiting the outcome of the verification. If it’s positive, they can continue on their way. If not, a police car will take them to the nearest police station. There it is most likely that, while their situation is clarified, they will be put in jail.

Not far from one control, another. This time the patrol has ordered the driver of a State vehicle to stop. In this case, he will have to wait while they verify if he has a criminal record, and if the van is registered, or if he is carrying prohibited merchandise or can’t justify his use of the vehicle.

Photo report by Laritza Diversent

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