The Imprint Of A Concert

November 4, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Finally, the controversial Juanez concert materialized in Havana. As I have written before on this blog, everything remained the same afterwards. Cubans here continue in the same routine: problems with public transportation, water, electricity, food; salaries that are insufficient, lack of freedoms and more than 200 political prisoners. A slight distraction in the middle of the storm.

Of course, some things happened. For those outside of the Island, a renewed interest in debating matters of common interest. Messages on the Internet have multiplied, emails in which national reconciliation is present. All attempts are valid. For those on the island, the possibility of demonstrating that we have free will.

It wasn’t necessary for bus service to improve. Under an intense sun, on foot, pressed up against or hanging on to the doors of buses, more than a million Cubans, in white costumes, were there in the Plaza. This time for peace.

And in the middle of it all, a bridge. A path those of us here and those who are abroad must care for so that we can traverse it together. An opportunity to unite the people who were born in this land. A new way to communicate. I hope it happens again!

Before the concert, there were extreme positions taken between those who were in favor and those who opposed it. What a shame that Cubans here on the Island could not add their opinions. As a spectator to the discussion, I consider the result a positive one. Part of the exile community demonstrated that it is not the same as it was 50 years ago. These exiles are renovated and are ready to struggle for their country in an intelligent way, without playing the game of the Cuban government.

For those who thought that with reactionary positions anything might be achieved, your arguments were very well utilized by the official media on the Island, to discredit you before your compatriots on this side of the ocean. But in the end, the concert left us with a grand truth. We Cubans are divided by the distance that separates us and by the pain of thousands of families.

In addition to peace, the concert brought reality. Isolated Cuba realized that her exiled sister feels for her. A message of love which brought goose bumps or tears to many. It also showed us that we can and must talk. But afterwards, hug each other.

For me, that was the imprint of the concert “Peace Without Borders” in Havana. It did not bring the desired change, but it demonstrated that, apart from politics, differences and extremism, Cubans are one nation. And wherever we may be, we love the country of our birth.

Translated by the team of: Hank

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