Traffic Cop as Witness

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After frisking Dennis Guerra, they shoved his head against the patrol car and stomped on each foot. Before the unprovoked violence, Dennis attempted to turn around. It was then they started to hit him while repeating “so you learn not to abuse an old man.”

Punching and pushing, they try to get him in the car. Dennis resists. As the punches get harder, people start to protest. In the middle of the commotion, Rafael snaps out it, realizing that they’re hitting his friend. He throws a nearby toolbox and hits one of the police.

A “caballito de multa,” as they call the traffic police in Cuba, sees this from a distance and comes over to intervene. Dennis memorized the license plate number of the motorcycle, 263.

The traffic cop convinced Dennis to get into the patrol car, assuring him that he’d accompany him to the station as well as serve as a witness to what happened. The other agents asked Rafael to get in the car since he was the reason they were called. Neither of the two were handcuffed.

They drive through Diez de Octubre. In his drunkenness, Rafael insults and kicks inside the car. Angered by the insults, the driver of the patrol car brakes sharply. The two detainees are thrown against the glass inside the vehicle. An agents gets out and opens the door next to Rafael so he can hit him. Dennis starts to get out, but the other, standing next to the door, grabs his shirt to stop him.

n the struggle, he manages to get out of the car and takes off running. He grabs the trunk of a tree. The two police pounce on him. The last thing he remembers is seeing the motorcycle cops turning the corner. The officers sprayed his eyes, leaving him temporarily blind.

Handcuffed, they were driven to the Aguilera unit. They pushed him out of the car. Dennis had just committed a crime, resisting arrest. But the agents already had “tried and sentenced” him for another a more serious crime. Laughing, the guard official and the patrol officers told him he would be accused of assault. And that’s how it happened.

Laritza Diversent

  1. lonewohlf42
    March 8, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    In Canada, your not allowed to be drunk in public, on the street or side walks. You can only drink in certain areas like a bar or tavern or restaurant or at home. Being drunk in public will get you arrested and you will go to jail for 24 hours. Throwing a toolbox and hitting a police officer will definitely get you in jail for assault.

    In the US an actress slapped a police officer and had to go to jail and a trial, just for a slap.

    Also if a police officer wants to question you in Canada, you must do what he or she says. Answer his or her questions and or get in the police car and go to the station. And you are always handcuffed if you are put in a police car. Just the act of trying to turn around when a Canadian police officer is holding you is resisting arrest.

    I don’t know what your trying to prove hear in this blog but in Canada and especially the U.S. the police officers would have beaten the crape out of them.
    I showed this blog to my wife and she agrees.
    They were lucky. Everyone in Canada, Mexico and the United States knows that you don’t mess around with the police.

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