Blame Does Not Fall from the Sky

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I am fulfilling my social service, required of me as a university graduate, in a land registry, a state institution under the Ministry of Justice, responsible for overseeing real estate transactions.

A few months ago, the Ministry received the last of four anonymous letters, accusing the registrars and specialists in Havana of corruption. They conducted an investigation and held meetings with and interviewed workers.

The matter, as you would expect, became political. The eternal enemy came under the spotlight. The empire (the United States) was attacking again, now with anonymous letters, to divide our ranks. That seemed an indirect hint. My superiors know that I am a freelance journalist.

On the island, many truly believe that we are the center of the world, the forbidden fruit for the most powerful country in the world. And a question arose in my mind: do we really believe that Cuban leaders are a priority item on the U.S. agenda? They even raised the idea that “the Miami mafia” could be forming a new land registry, with certificates issued by institutions in Cuba.

During the investigation, they asked the workers what major risk factors precipitated corruption. As usual, the pointless exercise did not get to the bottom of the subject. Illegalities will end in this country when the worker doesn’t need to resort to committing crimes to get enough income to meet his or her individual needs. Could it be that the empire is also to blame for this?

As my grandmother says, “blame never falls to the ground.” If the “blockade” (embargo) wasn’t available, they would find another scapegoat. My workplace has been robbed five times in three years. The last two, after they replaced the woodwork with aluminum. Little by little, the thief was carrying off the doors and windows. Maybe the Yankees sent him, in their eagerness to destroy the revolution.

The truth is that the workers are paying the price. Damn Yankees, it’s their fault we have an eight-hour day, without lunch, extended hours two days a week (from 8:00 am to 7 pm) without overtime pay. And to protect ourselves from attacks, we must take care of state assets because they belong to “all the people.”

“The responsibility belongs to everyone, we must not only ask of the State, we must also give,” said the provincial director of the Ministry of Justice. If no one is willing to take on the role of guarding, the guards will have to start working. Is this also part of the empire’s plan?

Another revolutionary obsession: making sacrifices. It doesn’t matter what our personal problems are, we must offer ourselves for the common good. The bad part is that we have been waiting for the results for fifty years.

Imperialism is to blame for everything. It  is responsible for anonymous tips about corruption, illegalities, thefts from the State, and the miseries that we Cubans endure. Everything is meticulously prepared in the belly of the beast. The U.S. government does not sleep, for thinking about us.

The day the historic leadership stops trying to place blame for its mistakes on the eternal enemy, changes will come to Cuba. For this they need to stop seeing themselves as the center of the world and the forbidden fruit, and think more about the needs of Cubans.

Laritza Diversent

Translated by: Tomás A.

  1. January 29, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    Gracias Laritza,
    gracias para tu perspectiva y analysis. Tus palabras ilumina los dias que pasan extrañando Cuba. Y ponen en contexto todo las esperanzas que tenemos para este mundo.

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