To The Final Consequences

Another death demonstrates that life is worth nothing without freedom.  Adrian Leiva, a Cuban residing in the United States, was buried in Havana on Tuesday, April 6th.  According to authorities at the Ministry of the Interior, he drowned while trying to return to the island on a raft.

The people who saw his lifeless body say that he looked like he was in a deep sleep.  He died peacefully.  There was nothing to regret.  He did everything he could to realize his dream: return to his country with or without permission. A right that the “Revolutionary government” has denied us for 50 years. He knew the risk: the loss of his life, and he accepted it.

These were the same dreams Orlando Zapata had during his 86 day hunger strike.  Yet we are left with fewer means to achieve the goal: freedom.  Each one of those means leads us closer to death.  Yes, this is pessimism, fear and pain.  How many more lives must be sacrificed before the Cuban government stops believing that it rules our existence?

I cannot tolerate this degree of insensibility or the intransigence of a few who have taken for themselves the right to speak for eleven million Cubans.  They talk about not yielding to pressure or blackmail, but they extort at their whim thousands of sons, fathers and mothers who will not forget what unites this land.

“Definitive Abandonment” and exit without return, I hate these words.  What right do they have to prevent a Cuban from returning to his homeland?  What is the reason?  Who answers for those who have died on the high seas, the United States government or the Cuban?  Who calms the pain of a mother when she loses a child?

We know very little, or nothing, of the circumstances surrounding the death of Leiva.  But if we think of the deaths that occurred on that tugboat on July 13, 1994 and the patients who died in the psychiatric hospital, Mazorra, we can imagine how he died.

In the middle of that uncertainty, in that silence, you feel the fear which was theirs and which is ours.  Those at the top are desperate and capable of anything to try to extend the final moments of their power and impunity.  We, those who dissent, know full well that our bodies are at their mercy, but we have decided to confront them to the final consequences.

Laritza Diversent

Translated by Hank

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