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Cuban Workers Called On For Patriotic Bullying

Apparently, the administration of justice through the court system is completely unworkable for the historic leadership. The latest measure to preserve its power is to call on the “working people” to use violence to combat “disruption of the peace and counterrevolutionary disturbances.”

Yes, the same country full of chicks who can’t survive without handouts from Papa State, and which, according to statistics reported in the most recent speech by Head of State and Government Raul Castro, has more than a million people on inflated payrolls, very inflated, terribly inflated in almost all spheres of national life.

According to the also Second Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), the Revolution has a duty to confront firmly but with political sensitivity, this terrible situation. I don’t know why, but this call to patriotic bullying, as it is characterized by Carlos Alberto Montaner, smacks to me of blackmail: either you sign on or we will include you in the payroll reductions.

Would this be the reason why they are demanding the signing of a commitment to firmly reject any counterrevolutionary demonstrations or disturbances of public order, wherever they come from and in whatever quantity? So this how the Constitutional Act of the Detachment of the Rapid Response Brigades (BRR) climaxes, one of the attachments included in the plan of activities designed by the socialists.

In these conditions it does not surprise me that directors, civil servants, and workers join the Rapid Response Brigades en masse. Can you imagine the workers from tourism or from the foreign exchange, risking their jobs? The spilling of blood doesn’t matter, it is a question of survival, to grab sticks, cables and iron rods to ardently defend “the Revolution.” All things considered, everyone will enjoy impunity.

Laritza Diversent

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