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Who Understands the Socialists?

Sign text: We are all working. And you?

The more logic I apply in order to try to understand the reality in which I live, the more confused I get.  For example, in his most recent discourse, Raul Castro said that analysts calculate that more than one million people are working in unproductive jobs yet, there exists a chronic lack of construction workers, agricultural and industrial workers, teachers, police officers, and other essential jobs.

If they know that there are hundreds of thousands of unnecessary workers in such fields, then how many people actually work in this country?  The mathematical calculations are exact.  Cuba has 11.2 million people, out of which 4.9 are workers (less than half) and more than a million of them collect an insufficient salary without working.

The youngest of the Castros already said it: “If we maintain these inflated payrolls, very inflated, terribly inflated… if we pay wages without productivity with the result that we increase the money in circulation, we cannot expect prices to stop their constant rise, and the purchasing power of the people to deteriorate.” Moral of the story: massive layoffs are coming.

The President of the State Council also promised they would do their duty, in the political sense, by firmly taking charge of the situation. For the time being, those declared surplus would be paid one month of salary.  And if they don’t accept the first job offered, they would remain unemployed.

The revolution will leave no one unemployed.  It will fight for the right of all Cubans to have dignified jobs. Don’t misunderstand!  The efforts of the State will continue until everyone is relocated through several job offers.  The first ones to be interested in finding a socially useful job should be the actual citizens, Castro said.

We know what the offers are: construction and agriculture.  However, in their analysis, the socialists failed to include that the salaries found in those sectors do not match up to the workforce that is engaged in them.  Under “normal” conditions, they are not even sufficient to cover the first five days of a month.  Those are dignified jobs?

In the midst of all these economic problems, calculations, and measures, they forgot to mention the salary increases.  How then do they plan on stimulating the desire to work?  It seems like it will be by imposing forced labor.  The factors in the neighborhoods:  the president and the person in charge of vigilance for the Committee of the Defense of the Revolution will continue increasing the vagrant list: those who are prone to commit criminal actions.

Who understands this system?  In order for Cuban socialism to continue, people are required to stop thinking that they need to live protected by excessively paternal and irrational state regulations, but it also does not accept that citizens live their lives by their own account through means of a private economy.

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