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The Communist Changing of the Guard

In his most recent speech, Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Council of State of the Ministries, revealed himself to be a man of many proverbs as he referred to his communist youth.  The most significant of those proverbs was: A man resembles his own time more than that of his parents.

Apparently, the General of the Army knows that he can not pretend that the current generation is the same as that of his time.  The youth of today live in a very different reality: they think differently than they live.

He is conscious that they are not a spontaneous generation.  That they are the final manufactured product of the socialist New Man. Those who don’t have a peso in their pockets, but do anything to obtain poor quality brand-names. The Nike, Adidas, and Reebok kids.  Those who dream of living like capitalists and satiating themselves in a consumer society.

The fans of reggaeton, timba, sex and alcohol.  Those who scream out slogans, but if given the chance, siphon off the public treasury, take a boat or remain abroad in their first foreign assignment.  He himself admitted that the main problem that drags down the communist youth is directly related to policy on cadres.

In the recent closing ceremonies of the IX Congress of UJC (Union of Young Communists), it was made clear that they have yet to discover and train the future leaders of the Revolution.  Of course the task remains in the hands of the historical leadership.  It will be they that will chose and later the masses will confirm if the selection was correct.

The man who is also the Second Secretary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party warned about the danger of creating improvised leaders, and insisted on the need to suppress, whatever feeds simulation and opportunism.  In a tone of resentment, irony and complicity, reference was made, without mentioning names, to the “test-tube” or “laboratory” cadres that had cost them so much.

Of whom could they have been speaking?  Of all those chosen by his brother, who have failed after tasting the honey of power for which they sacrificed nothing: Roberto Robaina, Carlos Lage, Felipe Perez Roque, Otto Rivero, Hassan Perez, etc?

Praises to the young revolutionaries do not amount to anything more than simple compliments. They know very well they cannot trust anyone, though they need them.  They are the ones that earnestly carry out the ideological work: shouting slogans. Those who faced with the provocations of the enemy: form the rapid response battalions. Those who assume the tasks of defense: delivering the beatings at the repudiation rallies. In short, those who do the dirty work to assure the irrevocability of socialism.

Translated by Jmsa

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