Cuba and Its Socialist Democracy (I)

In Cuba the Transcendental of the municipal elections is not exercising the vote, but what comes afterward: the development of the socialist democracy. Its maximum expression: the Accountability and Disclosure meetings of the delegates and their voters. I recorded the last of these meetings from the term of office just ended, that was held in my neighborhood. The constituency #86 from the popular council Calvario-Fraternidad in the municipality of Arroyo Naranjo.

It took place towards the end of November, beginning of December 2009, the neighbors refused to hold the meeting only with the delegate Enrique. I do not recall his last name. It is going around the neighborhood that he is an alcoholic and that he accepted the nomination to solve his housing problem.

The voters demanded the presence of the leadership of the Municipal Assembly. In the past the local authorities had promised the solution to the community problems.  By the time the second accountability and disclosure meeting occurred, it turned out that the majority of the agreements were not fulfilled; the delegate did not have the resources nor the means at his disposal to solve them.

The tasks requested of the delegate by the voters do not require great resources: trim the trees, sell food in the community market, water supply, electrical power, public phone lines, repair and completion of the small appliances of the Electro-Domestic Revolution. Listen to the audio, Enrique the delegate is speaking.

Revision of agreements.

The presidency of the Municipal Assembly accepted the requirement of the voters. Its president, Victor Vassó, its vice-president, the comrade Mayito, and other leaders of the local government made their appearance at the meeting.

The Communist Party does not take part in the elections, but they participate in the meetings and the things that have to do with local administrative affairs. The delegate admitted that he participated in the meetings of the political and ideological group acting as the government, after confirming his commitment “in the defense of the interests of the Revolution.”

The neighbors were annoyed. Without hiding anything, they poured their hearts out and demanded some explanations. It is very interesting that the biggest laments and complaints came from senior citizens older than 62 years old, retired from the Revolutionary Armed Forces. Listen to their declarations.

Link to partial audio

(I did not have enough connection time to upload the Audio, so please excuse me.)

Laritza Diversent

Translated by: Mari Mesa Contreras

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