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Cuba and its Socialist Democracy (II)

Supposedly, the base of a democratic system should develop at the local level. The unfulfilled agreements, within the framework of the relationship between the elected and the voter, show that  citizens in Cuba have no way of transforming in a positive way, the way they live.

The present elections are a starting point for the relationship between the people in charge (voters request the realization of an act or service) and their mandate (political representative: whomever carries it out). The foundation of this connection, however, loses all meaning in the development of a socialist democracy.

At the last assembly of accountability and disclosure of the delegate in my neighborhood, by the request of the voters of the #86 Constituency of the Popular Council of Calvario-Fraternidad, the president and vice-president of the Municipal Assembly of the Popular Power (AMPP) of Arroyo Naranjo attended: Víctor Vassó and the comrade Mayito.

The State property of the Community market (where rationed goods are distributed: groceries, meat, etc.) is an an advanced state of deterioration. The directors of the municipal government made a proposal, and a citizen made a counterproposal. citizenship. Listen to the audio. You will know who makes the decisions.

The popular control of the activity of the local branch of the popular power (OLPP) is a constitutional right that has no practical realization either. In 2006, the leadership of the Assembly gave the pleasant news that telephones will be distribute to the people of Calvario, an unfulfilled promise due to an inefficient measure of the Municipal Administrative Council (CAM) a branch of the AMMP.

The whole leadership of the CAM from back then was admonished. They all paid the same way: the municipality of Arroyo Naranjo was penalized with the investment. They gave an explanation at the end of 2009. Listen to the declarations of the comrade and vice-president of the CAM, Mayito.

The only options left in the hands of the voters are complaint and resignation.  Listen to the opinion of an ex-official of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, now lost in oblivion. They are liars.

Do the opinions of the Cubans have an influence in the superior political decisions? You can answer this question with only one word. You just finished getting to know how the true socialist democracy unfolds in Cuba.

(Please excuse the poor quality of the audio, I made my best effort, but it did not come out as I expected.)

Laritza Diversent

Translated by: Mari Mesa Contreras

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