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Popular Representatives: The Best and Most Qualified.

To exercise the vote in the Cuban context is to serve a revolutionary duty. The revolution is sacred, it is the motherland. To keep its successes we have to sacrifice. Socialist lessons that are taught from the cradle to the new generations. Ideological verses repeated again and again.

“Don’t close your eyes to the things done badly and denounce any transgressions,” is another of the communist demands that it is very hard to fulfill. In the end, the rule is that nobody can enjoy privileges: “We are all the same and we have to live as equals.” Except if you are the son or daughter of a Minister, a General or a Commandant.

It is not a matter of seeking what is best for all or that somebody studies or works harder than others do, but rather keeping an eye on your neighbor so that he does not live better than you.  Whoever abides by these rules, at least in appearance, has the merits and capacity to occupy public office within the State Communist apparatus.

For example, a Cuban who wants a phone in his house has to accumulate merits and denounce the transgressions of his neighbor. The comrade Mayito, vice-president of the Assembly and of the Municipal Administration Council of Arroyo Naranjo, showed the town people of Calvario how a revolutionary could get what he wants.

That is the way the popular representatives are: realist, sincere, grateful, energetic and fair. The best and most qualified.

Laritza Diversent

Translated by: Mari Mesa Contreras

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