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There Will Be No Debate, It is Just Demagoguery

The meetings of all the country’s social sectors to define what the economic model of the future should be like, is described by the newspaper Granma was an unprecedented and unlikely event in the modern world.

The official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba is delivered in body and soul to make us feel that we live on another planet and galaxy. Sometimes I have trouble understanding the form of expression of Cuban socialists. Is it irony or simply mockery? I can’t get it in my head to call it ingenuity.

Who thinks of mentioning the word “to define” to characterize the supposed debate of the economic guidelines for Cuban socialism for the next 5 years? It would be very demagogic to say that the policies proposed by the political leaders are analyzed.

It would be very unrealistic and exaggerated to say that 15% of the guidelines will be refined after discussion with the population, in a system based on State planning and control, where the only economically  favored actor is the state and its socialist enterprises.

Let’s assume the guidelines in their current formulation with an authentic and radically revolutionary vocation as advised by Granma in its propaganda work for the Sixth Congress of the Cuban Communist Party. Take two points of the guidelines: They do not allow the concentration of properties in native persons and the non-state sector, and they apply higher charges to the highest incomes.

Let’s consider the problem: the island needs economic recovery and the Cubans want change, for example free enterprise and abolition of the dual currency. Logic says that if the state sector has more than one million excess workers who, in the new circumstances, must live on their own, the administration must take advantage and facilitate new entrants who have the responsibility for generating the jobs and income that many families depend on.

The guidelines ignore these aspects. In contrast, they contain obstacles that impede the economic development and social progress of Cubans themselves. If they ask for results, vis-a-vis the public debate, I see numerous prosecutions for tax evasion, corruption fattening its tentacles, and the administration making confiscations for illicit enrichment.

None of these issues will be on the agenda of the Communist leaders this coming April, the planned date for the Sixth Party Congress. The policies are defined by the interests of those who now direct and control the country. Not to mention that the majority have already been recently adopted by the Council of State.

In short, living in Cuban society today is like a vulgar play, where the majority looking contemplate the work as mere spectators. Yes, it is unlikely that elsewhere in the world the fate of more than eleven million people depends on the will of a few. Undoubtedly, there will be no debate, just demagoguery.

Spanish post
March 9 2011

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